Beast boy or Robin? (This has nothing to do with Teen Titans)

I know these are code names but bear with me. So I have a boyfriend (Beast Boy) that I've been with for more than 2 years, he hasn't spoken to me in a month and I'm not even sure if he still loves me. This other kid (Robin) he confessed his love for me and we've been what you would call "Make out buddies" he wants to be my boyfriend but I have to choose between them.

Beast Boy: loves me...still?

Good: I know him, I love him (at least I think I do...) we have been together longer, he would give things up to be with me, loyal (to my knowledge I still think there is something going down with his friend), listens, likes and wants to help people, understanding, sometimes open

Bad: Older than me, none member, lives far away, has a short temper, yells, swears, might have something going on with his friend...who knows... our relationship is hidden, low self esteem, possessive, sometimes closed, no trust

Robin: likes/loves me...idk

Good: He will be there if I need him, he understands, listens, likes and wants to help people, member, closer to my age, lives closer, knows my friends, lets me do what I want, open,trusts me

Bad: Our relationship is hidden, can't have a relationship (against the rules) I don't know him as well, I don't love him even though I said I did...well sorry to break it to you, I lied. and not decisive,


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  • It would seem that maybe hou should take a step back and try to set your prioritys straight. With this whole member and not being a member and how it has to be hidden.

    Your boyfriend of 2 years is not something to just take lightly obviously, think about all the times you've had with him and what he's done for you. Is it at all a lost to you? If your seriously considering leaving him just sit back and think long and hard about it. Exactly how much do you love him, are you willing to invest your emotions into him even further, and is he worth all the trouble?

    This new guy is great sure, but what guys aren't at first? Coming from a guy you should know yourself its true, we can be great in the begging but start to get worse as time goes on and that is how love is tested, to see if your ideas and view and imperfections can be contained or destroy your love. Sure he seems great but don't just throw away a long term relationship that you have so hastly for another guy.

    Talk to your Boyfriend and get things out on the table. your thoughts on his maybe maybe not affair, him not talking to you, and some of his other "imperfections" that you can't deal with.



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  • Oh sweetie...if you've already been make-out buddies with Robin and you're constantly questioning whether you REALLY love Beast Boy (which you did already a couple times above), then no body needs to tell you what to do here - I think you already know the answer. Don't be afraid to let go of something that hasn't worked for a long time (which it's obvious it hasn't if you were kissing someone else) and follow your heart. You wouldn't be asking the question if you weren't truly considering Robin with most of your heart. Good luck hun!