How can I forget my ex?

I love this girl so much but she left me broken to pieces i loved her so much but she cheated on me and i can't forget her


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  • Because you're still young and full of hormones... or as I like to call Whore-Moans... you're going to struggle to accept this. But when you feel better this will probably make more sense.

    When we LOVE ourselves ENOUGH we no longer feel compelled to chase after people who are toxic... even when we LOVE them.

    Next... it's OKAY to love someone without being WITH THEM.

    I happen to fucking love pizza. But my old man heart will fail if I keep eating it. So I choose not it.

    I love pizza, but I don't eat it. Because life isn't about chasing our feelings like school yard children. Feelings help us avoid dangers.

    But feelings aren't facts.

    Love her. Sure. That's fine. Just love yourself so much, as well, that you choose someone better for YOU. Love YOURSELF more. It's that easy.

    Would you want your best friend to chase some girl who's banging other guys? No, because you love your friend and want them to be happy. So love yourself this same way.

    Love her, for give her, but that doesn't mean you have to forget her. That doesn't mean you have to be with her.

    Love her AND let her go. Easy.


    ~ Robby

    (My Blog )


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  • Well I'm sorry that had to happen. Totally understand where you are coming from. Just keep yourself busy with activities you like. Forgive but don't forget. As Green Day says, "forgetting you but not the time". You'll be okay :)


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