Dating a Girl, but she has history?

I met this girl...

She said she wants something serious, and I told her I wanted the same.

She is really nice and down to earth, but she told me she has had boyfriends before and has slept with them before...

After that I felt weird, I haven't had a girlfriend before nor have slept with anyone...

I don't know what to do now... That really threw me off.

If things do get serious, she will have been with other partners and I won't know how that's like.

And I'm overthinking now, what if I'm not right for her?
What if someone better comes along in the future?


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  • We all start somewhere. She's into you, obviously, and she's not with the other guys she's been with before. I can't tell you not to let her history ruin your present with her, but my hunch is you'll regret not giving her more of a chance. At our age, many girls will have a history. My advice is not to limit yourself only to girls who haven't dated before.

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    • That will hurt her, because she said she wants something long term... ?

      I don't understand these dating at all

  • You have to decide of you want a loving relationship with this woman or lose out on it in the hope to sleep around around and find something meaningful again later in life.
    Personally, I think your over thinking it. Be happy that you've met someone to love and who may love you. There's a world of things you can do in the bedroom with her. The grass isn't always greener.

    • That's always gong to be there. Whether you pursue this current woman or not.
      But just because someone superficially looks like a better option dosent mean it would work out, people tend to hide things.
      It sounds like you're making excuses not to settle down with this woman. Are you sure you're ready for a committed relationship? You need to be honest with this woman before she gets too invested

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    • Life's not fair. You can't have it both ways. You either want to settle down or you want to sow your oats.
      Personally I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to be happy for a possibility of a few notches on a bed post. Your choice.

    • Sigh, maybe it's just the best I can hope for

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