Girls........? A text or call?

Hi guys,

After splitting with my girl 3 weeks ago I've had NC with her and it's really been hard. We split because of our LDR wasn't really working and despite really caring for her I knew I had to respect her decision (it was her who said she was too busy to give me the time I deserved) and knew it would be for the best if she wasn't fully committed to a LDR.

Thing is we were good friends before we got together and I feel I've accepted that we won't be a couple but does this mean we can't be friends?

Perhaps part of me wants doesn't want to let go but I really don't want to lose our friendship altogether. I want to get back in contact and would like to know what you would do in making the first contact. I'm not sure how she feels about the break up but seen as it was her who initiated it I can't imagine it would've hit her as hard as me. I'm not sure whether to call her or text?

I'd really like to clear the air and get everything in the open but don't know whether the NC has made it it's awkward to call out of the blue. Girls would you rather a phone call or a more formal/casual text and then just take it from their?


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  • First, let me say even when I was the one who ended it, and it was because he really hurt me, breakups are NEVER easy for either party. Both invest a lot of time and effort, and it plain hurts when you have to just throw away those feelings because someone screwed up (not saying you did). Even if she was just getting bored, and isn't hurting at all ( and I'm NOT saying that) she will probably need time to get over you. And by that I mean, it's fresh in her mind to call you hers, so she needs to adjust to being friends again. It's weird being around an ex when the break up is still recent. Wait about another week, I month total, and then give her a neutral text asking how she is doing. That's plenty of time for you both to think and calm down. If she is ready to talk she will get back to you, and by texting, you give her the option to reply without having to feel bad if she doesn't answer a phone call.

    • Hey thanks for your advice. The thing is I did text her the next day after the split and she didn't reply. After that I stuck with the NC rule. What's confusing is that just after we split she told me about a big party she is having and that it would be nice if I could come but now has not been in touch. I know when it is as we have the same friends so I kinda wanted to find out why she doesn't want me to go??

    • Ouch! That's a tough call :( Go anyway and risk upsetting her, or don't go and risk offending her......I'd try being direct with this one. Send her another text about 2 days before the party. Say something along the lines, "Hey, your party is coming up and I wanted to make sure it's OK if I come?" Basically remind her that SHE invited you, and find out from her if it's OK if you still show.

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  • CALL HER! will surely evade all misunderstandings!

    Have a Nice Day!