Will He Not Text Because I Cried on Our First Date?

I went on a first date with a guy 7 years my senior (he's 30) last night because he had lived in my home country and speaks my language. During the date he expressed strong interest and extended the date to his place a block away later. He also mentioned wanting to cook together some time.
I got somewhat tipsy after another two beers at his place and we made out and continued to his bedroom. Then, I think we were talking about something and he said something tender and comforting in my language and I cried (not bawling fyi) on his bed sheet. We initiated sex but didn't go through with it.
We tried to have sex again next morning but he had a conference call so again it was cut short. I felt a little hung over so I just gathered my stuff, said goodbye, and left without hugs and kisses.
I messaged him an hour later on Bumble thanking him, left my number. Then I messaged again apologizing for crying and possibly making it weird for him just because I like to be straight forward and honest. He hasn't texted or messaged me back since.
Should I expect a text at all? Or did I possibly ruin his impression of me?
In my message apologizing for crying I said that I don't remember the convo but it was nice hearing whatever he said to me in my own language. I just wanted him to know that I'm not an emotionally unstable person. Was that too much or seem too desperate?


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