Cultural difference or clingy?

I was talking to this girl off okcupid who is from the country of Georgia and last weekend we were texting and then I was out with friends and didn’t pay much attention to my phone and she’s like are you ignoring me? And I said no, sorry I’m just out with friends.

Then a few days later I go to a concert and we texted before the show and I got back to her the next day and then she’s like why are you talking to me, you blow me off and don’t text me all the time. And she’s like how do I know we’re gonna hang out if you’re like this and I asked her out the week before and she couldn’t due to work so I’m like ok let’s go next week.

And i I told her that I’ve been super busy as of late, which I have between working 2 Jobs, my dad coming in town and hanging out friends, etc, it’s kept me super busy. Absolutely nothing personal.

Then 2 days ago we text and I actually responded right away because I was free. And then she texts me when i was sleeping and said she was sleeping and then says this isn’t gonna work out again because “I was blowing her off”.

I mean god forbid I have my own life right? If I pulled this on some girl, I’d be seen as super needy and blown off instantly without any hesitation.

Maybe i dodged a bullet?

I also think it was tough because her English wasn’t that well, we didn’t have much in common, and she had a kid.


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  • I really think you have dodged a bullet in this situation. I do think that she was very clingy, it was not due to cultural differences, if anything European women are in general more respectful of a partner personal space than north American, so i would say that this one in particular was a desperate one that was in need to get a man as fast as she can, probably because of her child, so i think that by breaking up you were the benefited part, she would have given you many headaches if that relationship continued, honestly she sounds like she was suffocating, no one can whitshand this kind of pressure for a lot of time.

    • Yeah and by no means was I trying to claim that all European women are clingy. But sometimes i feel like there’s no middle ground with women I date. It’s like they’re either flaky or if they’re interested, they’re overly interested/clingy.

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    • Yeah I think the fact that she’s mad at me and we haven’t even met yet is a red flag

    • I mean dating is tough. I’ve had a lot of flings, dates and occasional hookups but no relationship. That being said, I’m not gonna settle for someone just for the sake of being in a relationship. That does NOT make you happier.

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  • I think she's being clingy

    • yeah the fact that she's so demanding and mad at me prior to us even meeting is a red flag

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  • Where do you live that you'll even continue talking to someone in the Republic of Georgia?

    • I’m near Chicago. She moved there from here

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    • the funny thing is she ditched me, because i wouldn't respond to her texts all the time. Talk about a blessing in disguise

    • well maybe crazy isn't the right word, but in the wrong. Like I said, Im not much of a texter

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