Why is she suddenly flirting with me?

Long story short. I've known one of my best friends for years, and we have a best friends platonic friendship. I've also known her younger sister for a similar amount of time.

The younger sister:
-Dropped out of high school
-Got into college, but dropped out prior to finishing her degree
-Got engaged to someone who was fairly wealthy, she was financially dependent on him
-Engagement broke off, she's back to square 1.
-We hang out occasionally, and I'm not interested in anything more than friends with her for many reasons
-Out of nowhere has started flirting with me way over the top a few weeks ago. Telling me how much she loves spending time with me (she historically usually bails on me when we plan something), goes out of her way to hug me tightly, and finding other ways to be in physical contact that doesn't cross any lines, but still indicates interest.

Honestly, I'm starting to get uncomfortable with the flirting. Im wondering if she's suddently interested in me as a source of money, and I refuse if that is the case.

I need some advice here, do you think she's seeing me as a source of money (golddigging), or is there a chance she's actually interested in me as a person?


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  • It sounds like she's digging for gold. Look if you like her and think that this interest be genuine, then give it a shot, a date or 2, but just be careful, Also ask the friend for their opinion and if theyre chill with the shot, you know curtisy

  • There's a chance, but the outlook sure does look to be otherwise.
    If you like her, see where it goes. Just be careful and cautious with your money and assets.
    If she's into you for you and not your money, that will become obvious enough as time goes on. Just get a prenup if it makes it that far...


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