Relationship anxiety - is there anything to worry about?

So as the title suggests I’m having some relationship anxiety. I can’t read minds and I’m a piss poor communicator despite my best efforts. He has ignored my text from last night asking how his day went, so the last time we spoke was Tuesday night. Admittedly not a long time. Anyways, I’ll try and keep it short by putting it in bulletin points:

- we’ve been together for 4 months
- we had aggressive unprotected sex last Sunday, his roommate definitely heard, we were both incredibly drunk and he did not climax
- he has met a family member of mine and quite a few of my friends, in return I’ve met a couple of his friends (we both live in different provinces from our family)
- we are both working professionals with demanding jobs, however we know how to juggle it
- he has asked me to move in with him whilst being intoxicated
- he is supposed to meet one of my best friends tomorrow
- he has never expressly told me he likes me, but we’ve made it clear that we are boyfriend/girlfriend and exclusive

is he getting cold feet? Do you think I repulsed him last Sunday? What are some of the reasons you might ignore a text from your partner outside of work hours?


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  • I’d definitely talk to him.

    Sometimes it seems like there are problems/someone is backing out and when you ask it turns out there’s no issue, other times everything seems fine and then you get dumped out of the blue.

    Like what happened on the Sunday (which tbh isn’t that bad, me and my ex were like that all the time and I had no complaints about it from him 😂) has probably made you feel a bit paranoid, but I doubt that alone would put him off.


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  • He could have just been busy.
    I highly doubt Sunday would repulse him, unless that was your first time with him and maybe you're not sexually compatible.

    • We’ve had sex on numerous occasions but this is our first time doing it unprotected. He did not climax and I honestly hope it’s from the alcohol.

      I just can’t justify him being so busy that he can’t respond. We’ve discussed his communication and he’s said he sometimes takes a day to respond out of laziness... just never with me

    • Yea, the unprotected part just doesn't seem like an issue, especially if you're already having sex and have a history together, etc. I could see him being nervous if you're not on birth control, but that wouldn't make sense for him to not contact you.
      I'm sticking with busy, or something else entirely is the problem.
      If you have a tendency to overanalyze things- that could be an issue... Just tossing that out there lol

    • I definitely do, it’s an Achilles heel and old wound from a common law relationship

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  • Give him some space.

    He was "incredibly drunk".. most guys have a hard time climaxing while incredibly drunk. So don't take it personally.

    Just go with the flow. Live your life. Your fears and anxiety WILL make their way in.. and being so needy is a turn off for most men. Let him breathe, reach out in a few days, see how he is, and act like everything is OK.

  • How would u repulse him and there is no way of knowing if he is getting cold feet from what u have said

    • I’m not sure how but again that’s what is driving me to ask these questions. My implication that he’s getting cold feet is from meeting a dear friend of mine tomorrow and not talking to me at all

    • What u are asking would require mind reading ask him when u talk to him

  • Change "anxiety" for "fear".


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