Should a man care if women his age are shaming him for only dating younger women?

Should a guy care? Such women don't seem much different than "nice guys" shaming women for dating jerks.


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  • Generally men who do that it's because they can't get women their age so..

    • That's not actually true, I prefer younger woman. I would not get into a long term relationship with a woman over 23 (I'm 24, dating an 18 year old girl) even if I had all the chances in the world with them.

      But here is the thing, if that is the case why do you shame those men in the first place? You probably think they are immature or posses some major personality, you should be thrilled they are spending their time on younger women and not pursuing you. Why get so angry?

    • *personality flaw

    • I don't get angry, I'm quite happy actually because I prefer older men and I'm very young 19 but they just date younger girls cause they think we're dumb and would put out faster than the other. Which is bullshit, when dating older guys I have to be very careful with who I end up with because most are loser.

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  • No dont care they just are jealous you didn't pick them


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