Guys who use OK Cupid, Tinder, Bumble, etc. How do you cope with NOT getting matches?

So, I just created an OK Cupid account and have been not getting matches. The short answer as to why is most likely because I'm not attractive enough. How do you come to terms with That?

The longer answer is that there is something about my personality that has to change, but I'm not sure what it is.

This is all so frustrating and depressing. I'm going to die alone and I hate it. How does anyone deal with it?


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  • You just keep swiping and hope. But getting matched isn't everything. I've had a couple dozen matches but only 3 or 4 who wanted to talk and I could get dates with. Some didn't even respond to a greeting.


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  • How do you deal with it in everyday life? Its the same thing.
    A website doesn't mean you need crowd control for all the pussy at your front door.
    I think your expectations are way outta line here

    • Thing is, I've only ever asked out like 7 girls in my life. I've been rejected each time and it's fine. But with the dating apps, I've liked, swiped right, messaged, etc. Like 100 girls.

    • Keep in mind a good number of those profiles are fake. There to keep you interested and paying for a membership. I think your odds are better in the real world.
      Rejection is part of the process. All of them will say no; you only need 1 to say yes

  • You're not the only one. Just try not to put so much into it (no expectations). If it happens, it's a nice surprise, just don't expect anything. That's how I deal with it lol.

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    • Wow. That actually kind of helped. I guess because online dating sites don't require that much effort to be put into meeting someone, it makes for very shallow and/or empty meetups and whatnot. Thanks man, I feel better now

    • Good luck!

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