How is Dating Hard?

I've never had a first date so i dont know how to date, just asking cause i've watched many of my friends date and they make it sound very stressfull and full of fights and stuff, example: i have a friend who's girlfriend was cheating on him with someone and her reason why is cause she thought he cheated on her first.
I dont understand dating at all i used to think it was if a guy and a girl like eachother a lot then there should be trust in there aswell, why start dating someone then later on worry that their cheating on you or something if you dont trust eachother right from the start then i say its doomed to fail.
So is dating really that hard? If so then i guess i should just stir clear of dating cause i dont want to give my trust to a girl just for her not to trust me back.


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  • The main thing to focus on is communication. Dating has become less about emotional connections and more about emotional detachment by having random hookups (tinder). It can be hard to know anything anymore because so many people are guarded, however unless you try dating you won't be able to learn and grow from each experience.

    Hope that helps in some way. :)


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  • Anything that requires emotional investment is difficult. But it's got its highs just as much as it has its lows. Don't knock it till you try it.

    • From what i've seen there's more lows then highs man

    • Maybe, but that applies to life too. 90 percent of my life has been a low but the other ten percent is what makes life worth living.

  • communication seems to be everything that matters


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