HELP! Every time into his eyes I have this weird feeling,?

I met this guy from a dating app and met up with him twice on a date, I feel like I really like him and we get a long very well. However every time I make eye contact with him I feel like I kind of sink into his eyes and have like this sleepy look I don't know what it is , has anyone else experienced this? What is it because I've also had someone look at me the same way once and didn't know what it is. Please help.
I can't make eye contact with him during our dates anymore because I feel like I don't listen to him and just sink into his eyes lol and he also asked me why aren't you looking at me lol so I don't have an answer for that as well- help!


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What Guys Said 2

  • He's got pretty eyes, that's all. Tell him it's because his eyes are enchanting.

  • Someone to kiss
    Someone to miss
    When you're away
    To hear from each day
    To be loved to be loved (to be loved)
    Oh what a feeling
    To be loved

    • What? 😂

    • LOL... Sorry i had flashback when i felt that way with a girl

    • That was nice (:

What Girls Said 1

  • Well, I think you should really tell him the truth!! (That you feel embarrassed to look into his eyes because it makes you lose yourself into them) it would make him happy, I bet!!
    And if I experience that: sometimes. I used to go out with this girl who had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. When I looked into them it was just like you said haha
    But I don't experience that often. But I occasionally can feel that by other "body parts"? As in, when I'm holding my current boyfriend's hand, sometimes he starts talking but I don't pay attention 😅 his hands are really pretty in my opinion and I keep looking at every detail of them


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