Girlfriend kind of being an asshole lately, any ideas?

So, I truly do like my significant other, but she's been kind of an asshole lately. She's very demanding and bitchy, and just down right mean. Currently I am out of a job (with my new job starting in a week), so money has been a pinch. I have tried finding activities that are fun and cheap (IMO are actually fun) but she just shrugs it off and is nasty about them. I asked her if she wanted to come over and she said for how long because she "doesn't want to be trapped here". She demands all my attention, 24/7 and acts sort of nasty with me during it. Not to mention she doesn't want to help me in any way, but she wants me to help her. I helped her out of an abusive situation, helped her out of some money problems, helped her school, I truly care and do whatever I can, but it feels one way.

Relationship was totally different a few weeks ago, all the sudden, she just flipped the switch on me. I don't know what changed, I have been the same, always supported her and now she's just... bitchy and nasty. Any ideas?


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  • Talk to her how you feel, if things don't change leave her. It's hard, but a relationship shouldn't cause you pain constantly


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