Why do I and other people with aspergers share too much info?

I dont mean to do it. It puts people off. So many times I was talking to a girl I had an interest in and she asks me a question and I tell her. And she gets uncomfortable and stops talking to me. Like for example. I tell a girl I was sexually abused. She asks me "well what happened?" so I provide her with the whole story. Right down to what type of sexual acts occured and in what order." They tell me after that it was too much info but at the time I think I am just answering their question. I didn't realize I was doing something wrong or that made them uncomfortable. I just never get it because they specifically asked me to go into detail and its hard to know exactly how much is too much in my head.


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  • Because usually people will have a block in what they tell people, short and to the point. You and others with aspergers lack that block. You hear a question, process it and give the complete answer. You don't shorten or filter, because your brain sees no need to. It was asked, so why wouldn't you. Now lots of people have a problem dealing with that, but I don't see why. I myself don't have aspergers, but I tend to do the same with explanations and opinions as you might see right here. I go for a full text or speech and reveal everything I think at that very moment. In my honest opinion people just shouldn't ask what they don't want to hear the answer too. Otherwise they should phrase the question in such a way that there is no need for a lengthy and complete answer. If the question eludes to only a single part of a situation, only that part will be answered.

    • Right exactly I agree. What happened is I am polamerous. This girl I am dating knew for a fact this club I was going to was a sex club. She asked if I had a good time I said yes. Then she asks what I did so I told her all the shit I experienced. I'm sorry you asked me what I did. If she didn't want to know. She shouldn't have asked. Or she could have very easily used her imagination.

    • People are stupid with their questions and then they blame the other person for making them uncomfortable

    • I completely agree man. I'm sorry you have to go through that dumb shit. People just need to be more logical. It's so easy. Don't want to know don't ask, only want to know a little be specific.

  • You were able to refrain from going into too much detail here, I just think it's a matter of trail and error


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