My boyfriend keeps talking to his ex?

My boyfriend keeps talking to his ex, even though we've already broken up once because they we talking behind my back.(He told me he would cut her off for good after our first break up). He insist they've only ever had casual conversations, but whenever I ask him to stop talking to her, he gets really defensive and flips it on me, saying I should get to know her and that I'm insecure. Is there any reason why he can't just cut her off? (They dated 2 years ago and he only now wants to be friendly with her (he hated her) (he also told me he once loved her) also him and I have been together for over a year).


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  • Turn tables. How would he feel in your shoes? Also are SURE she is a threat to your relationship? Hysteric girls are a huge turnoff to anyone.

    • He's often asked me to block off guy friends that I've been friends with for years, and I did it for him. However, this girl who he told me he was in love with is the only girl he can't seem to take out of his life. Its a big double standard that we can't seem to work though.

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    • I think its bad to have loyalty to somebody you used to love, over somebody you're talking about having a future with.

    • There you got your answer :)
      Dump him.

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  • You’re boyfriend is talking to his ex


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  • Do you trust him?

    • No, he already told me he will stop talking to her the first time, but he did it again. I have no doubt that he will do it a third time.

    • Break up then.

  • Dump his ass ! He isn't worthy of you.


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