How do you ask someone to hang out if you spend hours talking with them daily in a cafe?

ASK TO GO TO A CAFE - People say ask someone out for coffee but what about people who are in coffee shops all day, and already talk to someone they like, in a cafe everyday.

ASK TO GO OUT TO A MOVIE- & A a movie could suck , because then you just sit in silence, you don't really get to know a person.

ASK TO GO OUT TO EAT- & Going out to eat- What if you don't like going out to eat because you prefer to make my own food, maybe you don't eat late, what if you are not hungry, Or what if you don't want to talk to a guy/ girl with food in your mouth or them with with food in theirs.

ASK TO DO ANYTHING YOU LIKE. &Other things you like to do, you don't know if she/he likes to do and if you ask someone to do something they don't like it could look like a negative response but its not towards you its the activity, but its awkward .

ASK IF THEY WANT TO HANG OUT- & If you say 'do you want to hang out ' it could be problematic because lots of people can't handle vague they need structure. So what do you do?


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  • If you work in a coffee shop, then coffee dates are probably lame since you're both in that for movie dates, you're right in that, but save those for when you know you're both in a relationship and you know enough about each other to snuggle and what type of movies you are both for eating out, if you don't like that, you can always cook at home together, and yes you can talk while you cook together and eating just for two and probably no one else, so conversations should be much more private, intimate, and a quiet setting...during your breaks you can ask about hobbies and afterwork/school activities to see if you have something in common and take it from there to do that and hang out...if you ever find yourself in an awkward moment, either change the subject if it's verbal, but if its event-related, then joke about it or quickly move on

    btw, if you can manage talking for hours with a person, then it should be safe to ask to hang out, which only takes ten seconds

    • Yea lol I meant if you study( course work) in a coffee shop- not work their but still its awkward f you are already there all day.

      -Food doesn't work, since on a strict schedule with that & its not relaxing to eat with people.

      (Tons of allergies & and I don't eat after a certain time for training & I don't eat a lot at once etc plus its just stressful)

      Its awkward asking cause- he asked me out when I couldn't go, he took that personally& he's now taking things really slow. He gets stressed easy.

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    • Because I didn't want to stress him out thinking I was going to ask him to stay. I felt kind of funny about that because dishonest & not helpful. I just wanted him to trust me,but it sounds kind if perverse.

      Anyhow he kept mention how much money he could make at a place near where I live. He'd have a contract for two year of course id love that but I wasn't sure if he was testing me.

      I know that's lame but he's so stressed. I don't want him to think I'm after anything.

      Plus- don't care how much $

    • Right now you sound like you're giving him mixed signals...stick with a side

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