Girls, Hand written letters? Old school still cool?

Long distance over the summer. I'll still get to see her and stuff. But I was thinking about sending her a hand written letter in the mail once a week for the summer. Sweet nothings, poems, complements.. little things. Is that too corny? What would you think if your Boyfriend did that?


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  • I would think it's sweet that he took the time out of his day to do something extra for me and the letters, poems etc. is a plus! So go for it.

    • Is every week for the summer too much though? June through mid august?

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    • hmmm okay. I'll need to think it over. Might be kind of fun for her to expect it lol. Like look forward to it... Not sure what is better. But thanks!

    • Right look foward to it LOL. You're welcome!

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  • I love it so much! It makes me feel like they put time and effort to make me happy.

    • What if I did one every week from June to mid August?

    • That would be so cute!!! And the date at the top too so she can know when you wrote it, she's very lucky!!!

    • Yea, that's a good idea!

  • That would be the sweetest thing ever

    • Ya? How would that make you feel? Like if your boyfriend was doing that for you

  • Old school is cool


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