My ex of 10 years ago texted possible new gf?

My of 10 years ago heard I was gonna ask a mutual friend out! Before I could she messaged her and asked if we were dating? What does that mean?


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  • Could mean different things. People gossip. If you're all part of the same social circle then it will pique an interest if you start dating. You must have told someone and Chinese whispers gets around.
    I wouldn't care so much what ex thought, and more bout what the other women thought bout situation, the speculation before you had acted

    • The possible girl going on the date with me was mad, and told me, that the ex and I need to kiss and make up! We dont even talk, so i doubt that is gonna happen!

    • It doesn't sound like any thing will happen. Move on, maybe find someone outside your social circle and not tell anyone until you have been out a few times, sounds like your friends are all gossips!

    • Ty for the advice!

  • None of her business. Unless she's want a 3 some, she needs to mind hers.


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