Girls, Would you date a friend?

I know how popular is the topic that girls tend to friendzone guys and once they are called a "friend" they are doomed to not be seen as a possible partner. I know there are exceptions in some cases. So I'm curious where is the line between dating and not dating him.

Don't think like "I wouldn't date good friends because all my good friends are not attractive", in that case just pretend you have an attractive good friend, would you go out on a date with him if he asked?
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  • Definitely. I tried to date /hookup with one of my best guy friends once. And it was weird for us both and that didn't work out. But we're still great friends and in other relationships.

    He is attractive and cool and I care a lot about him. But that intimacy was just as weird for him. I feel like sometimes it can truly be platonic.


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