Only have been going on dates with a guy for a week and he is already saying he and I will have a child together in 5 years? what?

Sooo maybe it’s his culture, I don't know, he’s Spanish, but this has been a very different dating experience and we only met like 8 days ago. We’ve been on 4 dates total. Tonight we were out and drinking a little but he definitely was not tipsy at all, he could drive and form sentences fine. And he literally said to me that he just knows in his gut that in a few years we’ll have a child together. And he said he was already thinking of what the child would be like. He also told his entire family back home about me and one of his cousins wants to visit from another state to come meet me. Oh, and he said he can see us getting married. Did I mention we only met 8 days ago? Doesn’t this appear to be moving fast? We have a great connection and actually it all feels normal and good with him but then when he said this I kinda freaked out.


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  • When I met my late wife, I knew right then and there we would get married. Of course, I didn't say it out loud, I just knew in my heart that she was my soul mate. I proposed two months later and three months after that we were married.

    Some men just know when they have met Miss Right, but not all of them say it outright so soon.


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  • He has hopes


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  • Its normal to freak out. These are some signs that we rise some red flags for anyone. My opinion stop it with him and find someone else. he looks the type of guy who will try to control you and be gelous.

  • Lol talk about moving too fast. Chill bro. Chill.

    • Right? My jaw almost dropped, like wtf

    • Yeah. Like you said, maybe it's partly cultural, but it's a hell of a lot of pressure to put on someone you've just met.

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