What are some of your highest values? Even values you'd look for in a partner?

For me some of the most important values to me are honesty/authenticity and personal responsibility.


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  • I value openness and honesty the most, because if a guy is open and honest about himself, his life and feelings I'll be able to get to know him on a deeper level. The more I know his qualities, flaws and his true character my feelings will grow, and over time love has a chance of developing. If he isn't open and honest I'd just distance myself from him


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  • Discipline and Maturity. Honesty and Outgoing personality. Adaptive and Compatible with me. That would be the utmost importance for me.

    • Hmm those values sound pretty vague. Could you explain more of what you mean by maturity especially?

    • The ability to handle responsibility, taking care of others when needed, literally not panic when shit happens, and the ability of taking care of yourself them then taking care of other.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Honesty. And in a partner trust as well as honesty.

    • Even if you hate what you hear? Even if it means he tells you that your new hairstyle/make-up looks like shit?

    • If there's something he doesn't like then I'd expect him to tell me - and that works both ways. I wouldn't want him to describe my hairstyle using the exact words you have used though.

    • Yeah fair enough. I hold the same value, I don't want my partner to lie to me about any of that. If they do they're not being themselves with me and I'd just be in love with a made up persona that doesn't actually reflect the person I'm with.

What Guys Said 2

  • Respect, common sense and personal integrity.



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