Major baby mama drama?

My ex and his girlfriend were together for 9 years. They have a 5 year old child together and she has 'moved on' to a new boyfriend.

At the start her issue was that she was jealous of me and she was feeling insecure because in her opinion i was "prettier" than her etc. She now calls me basic and says to my boyfriend that she hopes i die, i will never be allowed to be around their child etc

She messages him saying she still loves him.. etc all the time. She doesn't know that he shows me the messages and i'm sure her boyfriend doesn't know she's sending them. She claims to be happy in her relationship but obviously not. We have only spoken once when she messaged me telling me how lucky i am to have him and i thought we had a really good and mature conversation but she went back to her old self quickly.

I will never ask him to cut off the child's mother because it is extremely important to me that he always has a close relationship with his child. She lives in another state with the child so right now the phone is the only constant communication he has with the child. It causes arguments between us because i want him to set boundaries with her and be firm but he just doesn't want the argument with her. I get so tempted to confront her and set the boundaries myself but i know that is not my place.

I struggle to know where my place is in all of this and sometimes feel like this is a 3 person relationship. Other than this we have a near perfect relationship so I'm hoping i can hear some opinions and advice about where to go from here


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  • why are u dating a single father? im 100% with his ex,


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