Do guys get intimidated easily??

So I am a model. I am really cool and nice and I have a lot of friends, I know a lot of guys and they all think I'm cool. And yet, I'm fourteen and I haven't kissed a boy. WHAT THE HECK?!?! so I have a question. Can I really be intimidating the guys? because its not like I'm throwing myself at them or am mean or ANYTHING like that. :( sigh.


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  • You are also 14 years old. A lot of people don't get their first kiss until they are in their late teens. You aren't a freak of nature.

  • Yes its possible to be intimidating because your so damn good looking to them that they think you're out of their league. Why the hell are you getting upset that you still haven't got kissed? I'm 22 and no woman has ever kissed me.


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