How come she hasn't called/texted back?

Here's the situation. I had a drunken, random hook-up with this girl on Saturday night and from what I remember, she enjoyed herself. After we hooked up, we spent a hour or so after spooning and just talking (on account we didn't do much talking before or during hooking up lol). When I was leaving her place, she said (and I quote) "you better call me" so I'm assuming she had genuine interest. I ended up texting her today (Wednesday) in the afternoon asking how she was. I was waiting for her to reply so I could start a mini-convo so I could ask if she would like to hangout again this weekend. I know its only been 5-6 hours since the text but, she still hasn't replied. I'm in college and I know people are busy (she told me she works 2 jobs) but how much effort does it take to reply to a text? So basically my I just want to hear from people why it is taking so long to contact me & if you think she isn't going too, why?

P.S. If you didn't notice, I'm a HUGE over-analyzer & part-time pessimist.


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  • I think you waited too long to text her...she was totally waiting for you and had to wait 4 days! agony. She's wondering if you thought she was a slut etc...

    You need to make up for this somehow and text the next day again so she knows you actually are into her...

    She might also get paranoid that you just want her physically as well etc...bc of the slightly long delay...

    Guys are so funny...

    I'm curious as a girl...why you took til Wednesady to text her? Not attacking you, just curious so I can understand guys better

    • Haha. This is going to make me sound like a jerk. From what I observed, I thought she was really into me, so I decided to wait a little longer than the standard norm just to build anticipation & freak her out a bit lol. I knew if I waited a little longer it will just seem that I just wanted f*ck buddy or a booty call so I decided to do it in the middle of the week. I planned on texting her or sending her a message on fb tomorrow if she doesn't contact me back by then.

    •'s great for you to have shared this with us GALS. haha.

      to me, mid-week seems like f***buddy prepping for the wkd lol

      i'm still curious tho...did you want her to freak out a to be anxious/insecure....

      ->bc you want her to like you a lot, because you like her so much?

      ->for part of the dating game/playing the field kinda thing?

      thanks for sharing :)

    • Haha no problem. I honestly did it for fun. I'm in college & don't have any interest in finding a wife or steady girlfriend right now (but if it happens, I'm open to it). I just like playing the field/ mind games. She is a really cool chick & I did enjoy spending time with her after we hooked up. I wouldn't be surprised if something were to develop

      P.S. If what you said is true--that she's paranoid that I think she's a slut, what should I say to her tomorrow to "make up" for it?

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  • calm down, she works two jobs. if she is at either of those jobs, which the odds are good, she may not be able to have her phone on her and may not have even seen that you have texted her yet.

    I would wait and if you have not heard from her in 2-3 days than call (not text) just leave a brief message and call it a day

  • i think the short answer is...

    she is letting 6 hrs pass until she texts you back

    bc you took 4 days x 24 hrs = 96 hrs to call her back after she was naked etc with you!


    the girl always feel more vulnerable/afraid after casual sex than the guy due to our society and other factors

    well, I think she doesn't feel as good about herself because you aren't wanting her you can't really say anything it's more your actions of wanting to get to know her and other things...i don't not a casual sexer so I don't know how this all goes! lol :)

    enjoy college and don't break too many hearts ok! lol :) :)


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