Guys, What does he mean?

So I have this friend with benefits. Was all alright but with the time he start look at me different, like really deep in my eyes or I catched him on looking at me, at first we kissed goodbye, but then he have me just this highfive, etc. and he start having this distance to me. He stoped text me, he avoids to meet me, and I thought he really don’t like me and he try to push me away, but I feel he likes me, cause I know that if he doesn’t then he would just start ignore my message etc. like he don’t want show me interest or that he likes me. Few days ago I said something like “damn, I need some new photos” and he said “let’s do some”. It was first time he suggested to go out since last time we met.
Today he ignored my message (he do this now so often. He can text me after few hours) and I didn’t want make a fight again so I turned it in joke and I text him
-oh my god, you love me soo much, I swear
He said
-me tooo

I don’t understand. He said that like now, 12am. Maybe he’s drunk, or I don't know
What does it mean?


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  • He's probably starting to catch feelings so he's staying away


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