Friendzoned. Advice?

So a girl friendzoned me the other day despite having seeming to be very interested prior. We met through a mutual friend at a couple social gatherings and she agreed we should go on a date. Setting something up was difficult coming up on finals week of senior year/work etc. During this time communication was pretty minimal because we were both busy and because would have preferred to talk in person. I tried seeing if she'd be interested in catching a movie or getting something to eat/drink later one day and her response was that she wasn't too busy but wasn't looking for anything and wished me the best moving forward. We then messaged a bit more making some jokes about mutual interests and I said I'd still look forward to seeing her at gatherings with the mutual friend. I feel like never having met 1 on 1 we never really got a chance to get to know eachother and feel that first impressions were probably that i am awkward. The second time i hugged her and kissed her on the cheek which was probably a bad move... I was a bit more drunk than i had meant to be. However at the bar we were hanging out together and on the way back jokes were made about us being a couple etc. I think this may have made her feel uncomfortable/forced... any ideas about anything? Tbh not really sure what I'm asking... maybe if its still okay for me to try to land a date at some point moving forward? Thoughts?
  • Steer clear you awkward weirdo
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  • Give her space and time and ask for another chance
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  • Keep pressing on she may be playing hard to get or busy
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  • I don't think she is interested. She was put on the spot when at that gathering with a mutual friend and probably said more to appease your friend. But after giving the time realized your not what she wants right now and decided on not pursuing anything with you.

  • Sounds like they don’t know what they want or your not accepting they you will push them away asking for what they said they didn’t want


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