Need some advices about my situation?

Well... All right, let's make it simple... I was for almost 2 years without getting involved with someone, focused in studies and carrier... But started getting the "too alone" feeling... And decide to install tinder... Found a girl... She had just broke up with her boyfriend... And then I explained my situation too... We talked a lot about it and I kinda understanded that she isn't ready for a relationship now... But now she is dating me and another guy... And I'm kinda starting liking her... But I'm not comfortable about "other guy in the equation"... Should I step back? If need more information about anything just ask ^^ ty Girls.


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  • Well just be honest. Though from the sounds you both want different things so might be best to step back

    • Yeah, not that we didn't talk about it... I just think that for had almost 2 years alone... I kinda created expectations about it... might be best to walk alway... thanks for the opinion

    • Yeh I think its more to do with that she's not long split from her boyfriend so she's not looking for that commitment

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