If a girl tells you she had a weird dating app experience that made her uncomfortable... what'd you think?

So you've been keeping in contact with a girl you met. online for about 6 weeks now. You asked her out quite quickly then but you guys couldn't settle on a date as both of you were going away for work really soon. She was back earlier and text you to ask if you'd still like to meet.

You were still away but continued to engage her on and off in text until you came back. You said you'd really like to see her and you guys finally settled on a date but leading up to it, she tells you that she isn't down for a meet anytime soon as she had a weird experience on the app just recently that made her really uncomfortable. She says you seem like a great guy but that experience freaked her out.

What would most guys think? Would they feel sorry for her or think she's rejecting them and lash out at her for that?
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  • i'd be fully supportive tbh as i know there are some creepy guys out there and wouldn't blame her for not wanting to. meet anyone for the moment, just keep in contact with her and who knows you might meet up sooner than you think

    • This unfortunately happened to me. I was rather interested in meeting this guy I've been talking to on and off for over 5 weeks, but a date I had last week turned out really creepy. I don't think I'm in the right headspace to meet anyone I meet online now, regardless of how attracted I might be.

      Does saying that 'don't think I'm up for a meet anytime soon' let him know that I'm still interested and might pursue this some time down the road? Not trying to lead anyone on but not being in the right headspace to date doesn't end well when someone's forced..

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    • Would a guy think I'm nutso for saying that even though I clearly said I don't wanna meet anyone now? Does it sound like I'm asking him to wait lol cause I'm really not.. I'm interested but not that level

    • i mean I don't know about him but i'd be fine with that tbh

  • Her dad might have created a fake profile to give her the creeps lol so she won't fall of idiots 😂🤣🤣


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