My ex talks to me online and ignores me in person?

Basically I've gotten back into contact with my ex after 2 years via facebook. It was never really my intention to contact him ever again, decided to move on shortly after the break up, but all of a sudden we have been bumping into each other a lot at university. I realize I still have mad feelings for him. We avoid and ignore each other completely when we bump into each other because it is really awkward for both of us I think. To break the ice I sent him a message on facebook just to say hey. He replied promptly, and then even added me as a friend. We briefly had a chat up online. However now when I see him he still continues to ignore me! Don't know what to do or what it means. I want to possible get back with him and I feel we are on good terms now cause he replied and added me as a friend. I can still feel the chemistry that we had when we dated. Why does he ignore me when I see him?Does he still like me?


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  • he might still be finding it awkward even though you might not.


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