Do you think Ill fall in love before I die?

I am entering the final stages of a terminal disease from under developed nerves in my digestive track. They die out which kills my whole system over time since body signals for them to function are lost.
I have accepted death in a year or little more, but struggling to cope with never being in a relationship. My condition encouraged me to focus on family, friends, education, career with hopes of beating the odds. Hard to date when busy, and also other things like chemistry and attraction to each other. I like a guy, but they never have liked me back outside of sex. My girlfriends say I should just live it up, hook up here and there, but no one seems to get that its about the emotion, love and support a real partner would give.
I've been trying, but at this point its too late. If I do meet a guy, what would he feel knowing his love interest will die in 2019?
Men, what would you think? Girls... what would you do?


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  • Wow well on one side to the guy this is temp but at the same time if you connect really deeply that is harsh cause he may be depressed at your passing for the rest of his life.
    😰what about going to the hospital and hooking up with a guy that also has a terminal illness like cancer with a short life and you can spend your days together since you'll meet shortly on the otherside


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  • Sorry to hear that your nerves aren't working right. Falling inlove is a wonderful thing but there is also an opposite to all of it like breaking up and loss. We all have a limited time some of us know more about it then others but you have what many of us don't and that is a real appreciation of what life is and all of its precious moments

  • Thats quite some situation there. Listen... love can happen in a second or true love can be missed forever. Sorry to hear about your predicament. I hope you find it. X

  • Probably not it's extremely hard to start a relationship with someone you now is going to die so soon it doesn't meen you can't have a little fun


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