What is the big deal about when it comes letting a partner see/use your phone?

I honestly don't understand why it's such a big deal if your partner as to use your phone or look at what's on it... Yeah, I understand the notion that they should trust you, but I also understand that trust needs to be earned, it's a two way street.


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  • I wouldn't want my partner to read trough my conversations since my friends do tell me personal things which I'm supposed to keep for myself.
    I do not care if he uses it to write in a group we are both in or making a call but spying isn't "earning trust" it just shows that you do not respect privacy.

    • Not for the purpose of snooping, or looking through your phone, but just to make a quick call or something like that...

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    • My ex accused me of having a "burner phone" because I didn't care if she used my phone

    • Looool okay, some people are weird :D

  • To be honest, I don't understand it either. When my ex and i were together, we shared a phone for a bit when his broke. We knew each other's passwords and at any point could pick it up and look at. We never snooped, but there was an understanding that we weren't hiding anything from each other and looking was allowed if red flags were raised. We never had those flags raised while living together. When this rule changed after we had to move apart, that was a huge indication he was hiding something and things ended soon after that.


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