Tols he I loved her while I was drugged and jelous, she responded with omg same I jus didn't want to scare you, now what?

I like her and all but i dont wanna get attached, i also made me meet her mom, she made it look like an accident, thing is im clingy but why is she ok with dat? Does she like me that much?


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  • Dude why are you clingy?

    • Never felt love as a kid, im self aware but i can't help it, therapys expesive tho

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    • Hey welcome to my world similar past. The only difference was my mother was a fantastic women who did the best to raise me on her own. Was bullied thought out elementary & middle school even punched in the face. Bullying stoped around high school because l become bigger than most of the guys from the past. Didn’t have much friends ethier until about the age you described but they were quality rather than quantity. I say all this because l can relate a little to your situation. You need to stop seeking validation from others and start to enjoy yourself and as a human being. Improving your the three most important aspects which are physicals, emotionals, & financials. Improving these three as aspect to there absolute capacity will undoubtedly increase your self respect and you will develop a healthy ego which prevent you from being clingly.

    • I was doin great when i was single, happy and all, but once i started liking her i became a jealous clingy guy. But i let her know i was overreacting on jelousy and i knew it, i just need to get over it somehow. Thanks man for relating. ill try focusing more on me now

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