Does he care about me?

I've been on and off this (long distance) relationship with my current boyfriend, he works a lot and sometimes a week passes by without him calling so I just want to know if he gives a care or he's lost interest but doesn't know how to say it. I addressed this issue of him not being available to me but he always apologises or says he's been working. Now I gave him a chance to come see me this coming weekend and he said he'll come after weeks of begging me to come to his place. I'm a student and he works so I'm not sure if he's been fooling around and acting like he's been busy.
He always has time to go out drinking and getting high with his friends. Sometimes when I call he says hell call me back because he'd busy with something then he forgets to call. I don't know if I'm overlooking this but am I wasting my time here?


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  • You won't really know what he's been doing and that's why it's twice more important to have trust in an ldr than it is in a normal relationship. Because everything he does can come off as suspicious and he can find your actions suspicious as well. So communication is important but trust is also super important. If you know your guy well enough you would trust him well enough to know he's not lying.

    • After seeing you update it is for sure he is making excuses if he has free time to hang out and drink with friends. Which proves that you're not a priority to him anymore.. sadly

    • That's also what I've been thinking

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