If a woman does not get asked out a lot or have any potential dates/guys pursuing her, does that mean she is undesirable?

P. s.-
Even though they get compliments and people tell them they’re attractive?
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  • No, that does not mean she is undesirable. But it does mean that she's been projecting herself as not mature enough or because of shyness. Maybe right now you lack self-confidence. Maybe you appear to be keeping to yourself and lack self-esteem. You're not outgoing enough. None of these have anything to do with not being attractive. Have you been around guys that you'd truly would like to ask you out? I was a little shy at one time and didn't ask out some girls that I wanted to but a couple years later I was one of the more popular guys in school. So you may be going through a period of where you lack self confidence and self esteem. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you're good dating material. Like are you available to go out with guys and can dress nice. Do you smile easily and a lot? Do you keep good personal hygiene. Assess yourself as honestly as you can and correct even the little things you seem to lack if you can. Make sure you appear happy and smile often and that you always have a positive attitude. Get excited about life. Be quick to say "Hi" and "Thank you". A happy girl looks twice as beautiful and tells a guy she'd be fun to ask out. Good luck!

    • Well I was heavier at one point and lost a lot of weight. I have people compliment me. Men and women. I’ve only been pursued by men I did not like in person. It has never been a guy I actually wanted to go out with.

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    • I know men can be shallow. Which is why I know looks mean a lot when it comes to dating. And being heavier wasn’t assisting the issue.

    • No, 170 lbs isn't big considering some people are overweight 100 - 300+ lbs move than that. But 170 lbs is more than 135 - 145 which is an ideal weight for a girl at least 5'6". But back to your weight. Depending on how you dress can make a world of difference. It can make you look like you weigh even more or or even less. You can still dress to look like a very desirable young woman. No reason for you to look mean with you date. Always try to look happy because much of happiness shows in our attitudes, so try to always have a good attitude about life so that people you associate with will like being with you. No one likes to hand out with a person that's always negative. We all like to be around people that are positive and have a good attitude about what goes on with life. Everything seems to work much better... better jobs... better friends... better in school, etc., for people that always walk around with a positive attitudes.

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  • I don't know about other guys but my desire for a woman doesn't change based on her social status or what other men think of her. If I'm not attracted to a girl, she's not going to win me over by getting hit on constantly. And conversely if I'm attracted to a girl, she's not going to drive me away if I find out she's starved for male attention.

    Quite the opposite, actually. I usually feel totally gutted if a girl has a lot of options. Chances are I'm not the best one. It's kind of endearing when I see a pretty girl who isn't getting noticed. It's more relatable and it makes me feel like a somebody.

    Different guys have different tastes in women. I've had friends rave to me about how hot the girl they were seeing is and I ended up being unimpressed when I met her. I've had friends think girls I liked were unattractive. It's not uncommon to see beauty where other people don't. That's a thing.

    • "Quite the opposite, actually. I usually feel totally gutted if a girl has a lot of options. Chances are I'm not the best one. It's kind of endearing when I see a pretty girl who isn't getting noticed. It's more relatable and it makes me feel like a somebody."

      That right there. for sure deserves the MHO for that paragrah.

      Dude is totally right, a girl who isn't being pursued constantly will be easier for us to approach and more confident because we feel more important, we aren't 1 of 1000. we are maybe 1 of 4 or 5.

  • not in the slightest it just means she hasn't been looking in the right places

  • there's a cool experiment about it, where a group of strangers are put on a room with a number tied to their head and they need to hook up with the highest number avaiable of the opposite sex, without knowing their own number, and they had a time limit (they couldnt say other people's numbers). some men didn't risk asking the highest number avaiable out because of fear of losing precious time, as not hooking up with anybody would cause them to fail completely. the highest number ended up thinking she was a low number, and ended up hooking up with the lowest number of the opposite sex because there was no one else for her (he won the jackpot)

    • What are you saying? Intimidation?

    • afraid of ending up alone for aiming up really high, yes. some people can get intimated with someone whos "too pretty for me"

    • Gotcha okay

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