Did she reject me?

Met this girl on a dating site and we've been chatting for about a month now (she rarely signs on, so we basically exchange messages we once a week) and was getting tired texting. Anyway where I think I messed up is how I asked her out.

The message I sent was, "hello Miss! We've been chatting for a month now and I was wondering if you'd be free to meet up sometime soon, maybe this coming next Saturday? If you're interested I will begin planning things. If not no worries! I still enjoyed our chats and learning about your passions! Take care!"

She replied with, "I think that was the nicest way someone has ever sent letting them know they didn't get the position they applied for 😂"

I was confused and replied with, "wait I was asking you out though." And no reply.

Also, if it helps... I gave her my number and Instagram, essentially giving her the choice to add and call/text me. Which she did.


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  • yup... exit to the left... move on

  • That was a kinda cringey way to ask her out. Be confident and just shoot her a simple "hey, want to go grab some drinks/get coffee/see a movie/have dinner this weekend?"

    Don't ask her out without already having plans in mind, don't say all that stuff about "want to go out? if you don't then that's okay" because it sounds like you're not confident and are expecting her to say no. Don't call her Miss lol. And try to ask her out within a few days of you talking, don't wait a whole month.

  • Move on.
    A few advices for next time:
    1-Don't waste a month on a girl.
    2-Ask the the girl out after 10-30 minutes chat. Women don't want a chat buddy. They want meet you quickly and know if they actually like you/dislike you. They already have been on many dates after 1 month conversation only to be desapointed.
    3-Ask the girl out in a smooth/witty/smart/logic way. Once you decided you want to meet her, plan your conversation so you have the opportunity to ask the girl out after a few sentences.
    4-Try to be the same person online and on your first date. It's counter productive to be super witty online if you are going to be super shy on the first date.

    Here are a few examples to ask a girl out:
    I'm trying hard to be as boring as possible online, so you'll find me funnier in real life...
    Do you want me to bore you for a few more hours or should we go for a gin and tonic on wednesday? ;)

    You: I hate beeing ghosted.
    Her: I know ! I can't stand it either ! (99% chance she'll say that).
    You: Should go for tequilla shots on Wednesday evening and then you ghost me?

    What do you do on Wednesday night?
    Wanna get drunk?
    Alternatively we could go for a coffee ;)

    Hey, we've been talking for 20 minutes and you still haven't managed to get my phone number... you need to step up your game, girl ;)

    Good luck !


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