Girl 2 years younger than me?

I turned 18 this year and this girl I became like best friends with claims that she is 15 (turning 16 this year). My friends and I are like 90% sure that she likes me and I am 100% sure I like her. I'm a Senior and she's a Junior so I'm not quite understanding where the age gap is coming from.

Problem is, currently I'm 18 and she [claims that she's] 15. I'm really not tryna catch a case. Is it even worth it right now? Should I just wait for the future and give it a try some other time?


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  • Age gap is probably due to her going to kindergarten at early 4 and you at late 5 or something like that. Maybe even skipped a grade due to educational maturity at some point.

    But you're right, don't even attempt it before she's 18, unless you guys get as far as believing you're ready for marriage with parental consent before having sex. You shouldn't string her along for two years without sex, unless you're super serious about staying out of it until she turns.

    • I hadn't planned on having sex with her unless we ended up getting married because of my religion. I also feel like she's not the type of girl to have sex until she's married too. I just feel like it'll be weird if I dated someone 2 years younger than me while they're still in High School because I'm gone in like 2 weeks.

    • Well technically she's only in high school for another 9 months and two weeks, right? Once you're both out of high school, the world is y'all's. Does she seem like she's worth less than a year of awkwardness for a potential lifetime of happiness? Think on it at least. And give her the chance to think on it as well, I'd suggest

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  • hi, being an age of a mother type if this was uk and my daughter it wouldn't be an issue so im assuming you are u. s? xx


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