Guys, If you have interest in a woman, would you be willing to pursue her or may you be a bit reluctant for specific reasons?

I’m speaking from a point of not really knowing her. You may see her often but you haven’t had a conversation with her.

I feel like I am ugly to men. People tell me I’m attractive, men and women, yet I don’t get asked out by guys ever. Or hit on. Any attention. I have friends that seem to have a bunch of suitors. And I’ve only been pursued by men that I don’t want to have a future with, better yet even a first date.

I've trimmed down a decent amount. I’m pretty girly so I dress and carry myself well. What’s the issue? Is it my area? Could it be that where I live the men don’t like women that look like me?
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  • I'm definitely shy at first. But I muster up courage and make a move sooner rather than later. Even if things don't work out in the end.

  • Most guys don't have to approach girls due to dating apps and the ones that do are dwarfed by the amount of choice out there for women


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