So no drink on first meeting/date?

Hey, so I was on a date well maybe was a first meeting I don’t even know. I am definitely not one for the man buying me drinks all night but I was not offered one at all and I don’t know gave me a weird feeling almost as if I was annoyed. I had a good night with him besides this. I laughed a lot. I sat with no drink a few times and it gave him plenty of opportunity. Is this an issue for you girls or am I being silly?


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  • Depends on type of date. Usually my first dates / meetings are in the bar or similar place so dirnks are included lol. Never been on a date where a guy wouldn't offer to buy a drink. Even though i still prefer to split the bill.

    • Me neither I found it awkward and strange. I would’ve bought him one straight back too, maybe he just didn’t like me enough to spend money on lol

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    • So strange. I bet he is not willing to share anything at all. I mean, its polite to at least offer a drink. I wouldn't go on second date with that guy lol.

    • It never happened to me before and I just thought he made the situation more awkward than anything!! I was nervous enough about date without that! I am thinking that too I wouldn’t get any nice dates from him. So disappointing I enjoyed the date otherwise. Thanks for your insight :)

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