Can't decide if I want to pursue this girl further or not?

I meet her last summer at a restaurant she worked at and we both went to the same bar nearby as well. always got the feeling she had a thing for me but never really sure why.

anyways I ran into her again last night after not seeing her for some time and we talked a bit at the bar and I picked up the vibe again that she might like me.

I find her physically attractive but I never found her to be that intelligent and most people would put her into the typical dumb blonde category. I also know she's been with other guys although that wasn't a deal breaker for me

there is also another girl who works at the same restaurant I like and I worry that i'll blow my chance with her if I pursue this girl instead and that I actually like the other one a lot more , she's blonde too but more appealing , more intelligent and more of a keeper


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  • Sorry, not trying to be a dick, but never date a waitress. All she does is see dozens of guys like you on a weekly basis. Never think you are special to her. They work weird hours and make shit unless their tips are ok.

    • that's why I was surprised she was into me as she seemed to know other guys , she makes good money as its a busy and higher end place

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  • do not push her


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