Guys ! How can you tell that this girl is the one for you?

Let's say you met this girl , and you got to know each other and you think that she's the one for you , like you're ready to continue your life with her , never lose her , maybe marry her
How can you know that? Or how do you want her to be?


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  • We know that when we give her our heart (or astma spray), and she puts it in her handbag 😄 first of all thanks for that very good question. It is even hard to tell for a guy. I guess... God, hard topic... Ahmmm for us it is like when you throw the tinyest stone you know in the water and it causes a tsunami. Like when she pokes one of our fingers and we feel like melting and our heart goes boom boom boom even after a long time of relationship. And when you are sick and she is worried or trys to help you. Its a collection of some small things that has to be approved to be really sure. But they are different for each person. How i would want her to be? The best would be simply herself. It would be great if i could talk with her about important stuff and issues to find solutions together. She should be openminded and also have her own opinions. She should be comfy with herself, how she looks, how she is etc. A charming personality. And maybe that have a little bacon where i can pinch her in a playfull way <3 😂 just the tiny things that matters

  • People usually just feel it

    • Yeah ! You're right !

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