We've been dating for almost a year, all of a sudden we have nothing to talk about anymore?

in fact we haven't chilled in a week...hes been with his friends but the longest we've not hung out was 3 days TOPS. I feel like I'm not interesting enough for him anymore, its a rough patch but we really need to get out of it. suggestions?


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  • Girl, I was there three years ago. Its hard when your already in too deep and you find out you really don't have anything to talk about. Do you know any of his interests? Video-games, sports, art or music? Take an interest in his interests! But be real to yourself. If you hate football don't force yourself to fake it for his sake. He'll see right through it. Call him and ask him to go out with you. Remember to keep your dates fun and mostly relaxed. I hope you've been in contact with him that week.

    Remember guys NEED guy time. Just to be a guy with other guys. So, don't fret! That's normal!

    • We like all the same things! I wish I was joking but we seriously do everything together without problem..this past week sucked

    • AH! That makes sense. He probably just needs his guy time. Mine is going through that now. Hang in there and ride it out sweetie! Things will be fine in a day or so. :)

  • I have been there many times! It's so annoying but sometimes it's a sign to just move forward. You are young and its not about you "not" being "interesting". It just happens sometimes. He could be scared of commitment or maybe he just isn't into you really. I would try talking to him. Being honest and talking openly will be very helpful. You will be able to gather what you need to make a choice. I know you don't want to break up but if you guys aren't talking really and not seeing each other then there is something wrong. You need to talk to him first though and listen to what he says. I hope it works out! Keep me updated =)

    • Yeahhh like he says he wishes he could've chilled blahblah he's the one with the car not me, I can't control when we hang. like I clear whatever plans I have on days he wants to chill but he blows me off half the time? I wanna give him space but we're the kinda couple that gets into fights from being apart not from being together all the time