Best way to approach her?

We're in the same class in high school, and I want to ask her out. I know it's best to do it face to face, but I failed to do so many times. I always plan a time where I will approach her (during a break or while walking her home from school) and either I chicken out or something happens (she is with her friends during the break or she decides to skip the last class or whatever). The closest chance I had was when we had a test and I thought If we finish early I could then ask her, so I told her I wanted to ask her something if we finish early, but then the teacher didn't let us out of class... So what should I do to make sure I approach her?
  • Text her you want to talk to her at school
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  • Take her aside during the break even if she is with her friends
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  • Wait until you can walk her home alone
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  • Other (please comment)
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  • C is best but really pal,
    THE best s best you are both laughing, getting along, both don't want this to end so quickly so you suggest an encore = "date" where more venues, more fun can be had together


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  • If you uncertain with talking, text her.


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