Tall man with little girlfriend cute or weird?

Saw pics of a tall guy quite muscly but a bit chubby with a tiny girlfriend no bigger than 5ft 3 to 4 quite cute but not exactly model looks and not much makeup.. and slim! I thought what could he possibly want with a mini girlfriend when there's so many gorgeous tall women out there am i right?
  • Its cute whats the issue?
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  • Its weird she looks like an ant
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  • It's adorable, and it's not like physical attributes are the sole reason people choose a girlfriend. Most of the time, personality is what really brings relationships together.


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  • Kinda a mix of both. My partner is 6'0 and I'm 5'2 so we have a 10 inch height difference between us and I think it looks nice but a little awkward at the same time.


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