Determining the relationship?

There is a woman I really like. We’ve hung out once alone before and I feel like I’m getting mixed signals. We have plans to hang out and go eat when she comes back to town in 3 weeks. This actually works for me too because I have a lot going on for the next week, although I’d still make time to meet her. Anyway last time we went to eat it was not defined as a date the last time we went to eat but it felt like one.

I was talking to a friend and he said that I should just straight up ask her, hey I think you are really cute do you want to go on a date.

I explained to him that we are gonna go out to eat so I get to know her better first then I can ask her another day.

Anyway, now upon reflection I just feel like I am making excuses. I am considering just asking her straight up when she comes back to town, “hey xxxx, I think you are really cool and I want to get to know you better, would you want to go on a date?” As oppose to waiting and hanging out and then asking her again maybe a week later if she wants to go on a date.

Or should I just try to throw it in there like... “so where are we going for our date?” Or “Hey xxxx, this is a date, right?”. I don’t know if she thinks it is a date or just an outing as friends.

Or should I just bring it up when we are there eating or when? Really appreciate help.

Looking for female perspective, thanks.


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  • If you like her now, just ask her.

    • Ask her if she wants to go out on a date? Because we just planned to do something when she gets back. Ask her to be my gf?

    • If you want her to be your girlfriend, just ask her. If you want to ask her on a date next time you want to do something together, you can ask her then or just ask her if it's a date when you go out with her.

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