Should I be feeling hurt/ angry?

Hey guys,

so I've been seeing this guy for a little over a month and just recently he started calling me his girlfriend (we're in our mid 20's).
We haven't gotten to spend the most time together, I moved back home to our city and started a new demanding job, I twisted both my ankles and haven't been out and about as much, he's been having repeated kidney stones, and this weekend his friends were in town for a weekend long concert staying at his place.

we made plans for today to hang out he planned to make us dinner and I was going to meet his mom too. I was really exited but his friends wanted to get him a ticket for the last day of this concert and so he canceled our plans to go (which I was sad but fine with- I wanted him to spend time with his friends from his hometown and I know he hasn't been feeling well lately. Well the friends ended up bailing out for whatever reason, they couldn't get him a ticket but they still offered him their wristbands for the last day of this concert and he Asked me last minute to come with- given my ankles it seemed like I wouldn't have all that much fun and I had already went ahead and made other plans anyway since he canceled.

he's had to cancel on me a couple times lately and it's hurt my feelings although it's felt relevant before this time it hurt a lot. Why would you go to a concert alone instead of spending time together- especially when we haven't had all that much. I realize he tried to invite me but it felt like a plan C option. Maybe I'm just insecure I don't know... we talked on the phone for like 3 hours a few nights ago and he was like saying he hopes this goes somewhere and all the things he's excited about when it comes to us, he's been sweet... this just made me skeptic and hurt. He loves music so much so I feel like he should enjoy that concert but I'm just feeling kind of let down. Is that wrong? Is he not as into me as I thought?


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  • You should talk to him about how you feel. He may not realize how his decisions are affecting you. He shouldn't have cancelled on your original plans just for some concert tickets though, and it's even worse that his friends bailed on him. He seems like a sweet guy, I'd just talk to him about it. Best of luck!


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