Have I made her mad?

So been talking to this girl on tinder, managed to get her number etc, but for some reason she still wants to talk on tinder?

Anyways, spoke about meeting up, she's got a bit of a busy schedule, so I said "you've got my number, just hit me up when you're free" ... insert complete radio silence.

I know it may have come across as pushy or whatnot, but I prefer talking and getting to know someone IRL (not really looking for a penpal), plus I don't want to bore her with small talk all the time if you get me?
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  • You didn’t make her mad; She just lost interest. I

    As a girl, it happens when you have a busy life and are also talking to other people on those apps. Guys on tinder are pretty low priority especially if you’ve never met. Also, Tinder rewards only looks. So unless you are very good looking and/or managed to have really great conversations with her, there’s likely there’s nothing special to keep her interest, especially if she starts talking to ostensibly more attractive guys

    • Very well put to be honest. That's the harsh reality, she did end up messaging me calling me another guys name at one point, so yeah, what you've stated seems pretty accurate. Thank you for your input.

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  • I don't know why man. I mean she gave u her number, so she trusts u enough. Maybe she isn't looking for a relationship, but a friend? Text her again and maybe be more Frank. Talk about getting together in a group to confirm this.
    Hope this helped. 😊

    • Thanks for the advice/opinion. The way I see it, balls in her court. If she wants to meet up then she will. If not, then hey, it is what it is. Thanks for your input though!

  • Has she actually texted you on this number?

    • Not actually via text but through WhatsApp

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    • Wtf no way everyone uses social media that’s crazy

    • Yeah that's what I thought haha

  • Wait for it.


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