Guys, Have you ever fell in love with a narcissist or a sociopath? If so, how do you break free?

I'm deeply in love with a person who shows signs of both narcissism and sociopathic behavior. I have never been the type to just deal with someone who walks all over me. He makes me so weak for him. He recently cheated on me and blamed me bc u didn't make him feel wanted enough.. but the reason we got there is bc he was mistreating me.. I had a miscarriage and he didn't even show any ounce of feelings about it, it was as if he didn't care. When we talked about the cheating, he said , he didn't care that he broke my heart. I KNOW I should walk away, but it hurts not being with him... I dony get it, it's not like I'm the type of girl who can't fer a guy... I'm hit on daily.. but its line he has me hypnotized into believing that he is the only one for me... I hate this guy wrenching hurtful feeling... I've never been "that girl." .. with him, I am. Anyways, I want to break free, but i don't know how to begin. He makes me feel bad for him.. n worse about my self worth. I just dont get how someone could constantly break someones heart and could care less.


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  • Dude fuck this guy. You serious? Get the fuck out of there. How can a guy act like that? His dad was probably a dick. Please stop putting up with this shit.
    My dear, please leave. Don't tell me you can't. You're better off leaving everything behind than you are dealing with this for another second. You walk out and you don't turn back. You don't have to deal with this. Leave. Don't answer your phone, don't look back, don't check on him, don't do any of that. You just leave. Get an adult male whose tough and you can trust to pick you up. Don't listen to him cry or plea. You have to get out.
    The fact that I read that he hits you makes me wanna kill him. I would definitely help if I was within a reasonable distance from you. It angers me that he does this and I would help if I could. There is someone near you I'm sure who will help if you need it. So tell someone and get out.

  • I’m sorry to hear that but that’s exactly what a sociopath does. He’s playing the victim card to make you feel sympathy for him and feel guilty about your behaviour.


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