GUYS: Responding to a first date ‘thank you’ text?

Classic story:

Seemingly great first date on Thursday with this cool guy I matched with and have been texting for a few weeks. We had lots of chemistry and teasing/ flirting.

We went for drinks and shortly after receiving the drinks he even said ‘let’s cheers to us’ - completely cringe but kind of cute.

Anyway he suggested going to another place for drinks and then a bit to eat. Really good vibe the whole way through. Weirdly turns out that I once worked with his brother, know one of his home friends and apparently my voice sounds exactly like his cousin. He said he’d love us to have a conversation for his own entertainment.

I offered to split the bill which we did and later he offered to walk me home. I said that it had been a really fun evening and he said I should come down and find him in the park some time. We hugged goodbye and in doing so briefly held each other’s hand/ fingers as we walked away facing the opposite direction.

I texted him 15 minutes later saying:

“Hey, hope you got home safely. I had a great time. Thanks for a lovely night! x”


I haven’t heard from him (basically 3 days later) and I just wondered if it was because I didn’t actually ask a question?

Do you ever receive a text like this and feel like you don’t need to respond? Even if you liked the girl? Or is it a sure sign he’s not interested?
Also, there has often been a gaps three days or so between messages prior to arranging the date. But when he replied it would always be with long and enthusiastic messages.


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  • I would have responded


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