It seems like my girlfriend is floating away, I dont know if she's not intrested, or if im paranoid, or what? I just want to know what I should do/think?

Im straight and my girlfriend is pans, she talks to her pans, lesbian, and bi frei ss a lot, but it doesn't bother me, and it would help me even more if she would at least give me a breif explanation of what they were talking about. The one she talks most to is one of her exs, so im already worried about that. She plans to move in with her bi friend later on in life, and constantly says 'if it works out, it doesn't mean you have to come,' and pretty much just pushes me out of her life in general. Im not sure if im wasting my time or what? I had been after her for about 3 months before she said yes, which makes me also think it might be out of pity... im not the most attractive guy around. I know im young, and a lot of people will tell me to get off the app, or im not old enough to be dating, but its not like its nessisarily hormones as i have never asked, sent, or received nudes. The most we have done is kissed twice. I don't know if im going insane, or already insane XP i just want someone to at least reasure me


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  • Man you are just 15 . A girl indirectly said " fuck off I don't need you ". Why do you want that punk who don't care about you?
    Find someone who cares. Let that punk fuck off. I'm sure you will find a bunch of girlfriends.

    • Eh, like i said, i knew age was going to be brought into this, and i dont want to leave because we also have good moments, she's an amazing person, but there are also times where we just... aren't good

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    • There is no proof that she is, for all i know, she might just be talking to them

    • Then tell the remaining

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