Are younger single mothers more flirty and open to dating?

It makes sense that single mothers that are in their early 30's or younger to want to find a partner who isn't the father of their child (ren) to play step dad. Young single mothers want their kids to have a father figure and someone to provide for them and the children. However, it does make some sense for single mothers to be more careful of what kind of guy they let in theirs and their children's lives. After all, the fathers of their children are probably not that great of a partner and/or father.

There are a few times some women showing interest in me, but I found out they were single parents from early on, so things didn't really progress. I have no kids at all. Hell, I never even had a girlfriend, so it will be a long way before I have kids. So it should be understandable why I do not wish to date single mothers. And I would like to find ways to know if a woman who became flirty faster than normal turn out to be single mothers. It seems like whenever a woman is interested in me, there is a catch where there is something not rather undesirable about her. Single women who are pretty good looking, no children, not very high amount of past sexual partners, who have an education, and decent personalities tend to not be interested in me.
Are younger single mothers more flirty and open to dating?
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